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The publishing world has taken several serious hits over the last decade. Many magazines and newspapers that were around for years had to close their doors. However, publishing and print media are still standing. Despite predictions that the whole industry would die out, this has not happened.

Digital options like eBooks and online subscriptions to magazines and newspapers are now popular. But despite the digital options, many people still prefer the printed magazine, newspaper, and book. There is just something about holding the item in your hand. Many publishing companies have adapted and are still standing.

This site is all about these publishing companies and the books and magazines that they print. Find out everything about the publishing process. Learn more about how books are made and even how to publish an eBook. This site is full of wonderful resources and information.

Readers will thoroughly enjoy this site and all it has to offer. There are also links to great publishers and more resources. If books and reading are important, keep reading and support this site. Together the readers and book lovers of the world can keep publishing and books going.

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