About Us  

What we do
Glade Run Press was established in 2003 for the purpose of publishing fine books on the subjects of gun dogs, hunting and guns.

Our business history
Owned and operated by David A. Webb, Glade Run Press is committed to publishing only the finest books.

About our staff
David A. Webb has bred, trained, field-trialed, shown, and hunted Brittanys for thirty-five years. A longtime target shooter, David has written numerous articles for hunting and shooting magazines.

David's loss of Coco, his beloved gun dog, inspired him to create his latest volume, Empty Collars.

David is father to three sons and resides in western Pennsylvania with his wife, Emma.

What makes us unique
Our company believes that all dogs are special but that Brittanys are meant to be treasured as not only hunting dogs but also as treasured companions.